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what we do

what we do

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& editing 

Filming & capturing moments through the lens

Using lightweight professional equipment allows us to film anywhere in and around Kent. 

Editing & crafting your story.

Editing gives some flexibility in storytelling. Should your video be fast or slow, long or short, high or low energy? We can guide you to the best final edit that fits your video’s story and purpose. 

Discounts for local businesses

Product Filming

Consumer and retail products 

Using our in-house studio, or on site, we can offer a truly creative approach, beautiful HD cinematic B-Roll and bespoke footage to maximise impact on each production for your consumer or retail products using creative filming, lighting, graphics and sound, for that perfect video for social content or your website. 

Filming & Editing
Product Filming

Social content 

Have you ever asked yourself if your content really appeals to your customers? After all that planning and implementation, are they even reading, watching, or engaging with your brand? Content marketing has revolutionised the ways in which we interact with customers on both a rational and emotional level as you guide them along the path to purchasing your product, we can help.

Content Plans 

We offer retainer plans by paying a recurring monthly payment in exchange for a specific number of hours, filmed monthly to promote your business or you. 

Want to know more?

Get up to

30% discount

with regular

Content Plans

Content plans


If you have a property to sell or rent, or a holiday let, we can help you promote it in the right way with film.


We can travel anywhere in and around Kent, using lightweight professional equipment for any event or show. If you have an event or show coming up, just reach out and get in touch with us and let us know how we can help you. 

Have you got an event coming up? See if we can help filming.



If you need eye-catching photographs to bring your website, or social media to life, we can help, just reach out and get in touch with us.


Graphics & logos

We can produce on screen text graphics to convey your message to your audience and help them retain the information, and better understand your message.

If you need a logo for branding or just have an old logo that needs updating for your website or social platforms, just let us know and we will see if we can help. 

Graphics & Logos

Personal gain 

If you just want a film all about yourself, to promote something in your life, or to make a video CV, a gift for someone or something for your personal media platforms, the list is endless just reach out, let's talk. 

how we do it


Concept planning to delivery

Firstly we storyboard, film and edit before moving on to the magic of post-production.

The first thing is simply getting on the same page with you the customer to make sure we’re producing what you  need to meet your goals. At this point, we’ve likely already met with you before preparing your video proposal, so this concept planning meeting typically only takes about 30-minutes to 1-hour and can be done in-person or over the phone. We do things like:


  • outline the approach to the video

  • discuss the subject matter, and the raw video, that must appear in the final film

  • discuss how many on-camera locations will be conducted.

How we do it
Film Equipment


Next, we start to assemble all the things we’ll need during the shoot. This can take anywhere from 1-2 hours. Preparations include:


  • create any necessary shot lists (based on the concept meeting)

  • prepare equipment (checking/testing the cameras, lights, media cards, gimbal, drone, tripods and so on)

Camera Lens

The video shoot

The day of the video shoot is the most obvious to people because we're on-site, so what we do is on display. This is a big part of the “it depends” aspect of things. How many video shoots will be required to capture what we need for the video?

It’s talked about and decided in advance when the video proposal is being prepared. Sometimes everything we need to shoot is in a single location and all available on the same day. Perfect. On the other hand, sometimes there are multiple locations involved. Location critical to the video needs to be filmed on a different day.

As far as the shoot itself, here are some of the things we do:

  • The videographer will visit each site to shoot everything on the shot list

  • The videographer will also shoot other raw video that is found to be relevant or beneficial


Most B-Roll videos only require a single videographer, but there are cases where additional resources are needed or requested. We have helped coordinate things like additional videographers, sound technicians, an online streaming coordinator, a teleprompter operator, hair and makeup, et cetera. Adding professionals like these does increase the production’s cost.

Editing with Headphones

Post production

This is where a lot of the time is spent, where the magic happens.  It’s the other “it depends” variable. How much time gets spent in post-production varies depending on the amount of raw video there is to sift through and how complicated the story is to tell. It could take anywhere from 2-5 days in most cases. Some of the things that need to be accomplished are:


Logging the raw video

  •  review all the raw video that was shot


Video Script Creation


  • notes regarding sound bites and raw video are reviewed

  • sound bites are selected, then arranged into story form to create a script

  • script is emailed to customer

  • minor changes are discussed by phone, changes requested by client are made


Video Edit “where the magic happens”


  • edit video according to the approved artistic script

  • relevant graphics are created if needed 

  • preview video is provided to customer for viewing with water mark

  • minor changes are discussed by phone, email or in person. 

  • Changes requested by client are made.

Watching a Movie
codfish logo.001.png

The wrap

  • digital files are created

  • on to a portable hard drive/flash drive or using Wetransfer for you to use to upload you video 

  • or a portable hard drive can be purchased to be re-used for more productions with on going clients on regular content plans.


Taking into consideration each of those phases… concept planning, pre-production, video shoot, and post-production… most projects take 4-5 days to complete, costing from around £250 to £500 and as little as £100. Whatever your budget is, it can be tailor made for you. Just reach out and let me know, I'm here to help.

-Discount for local business - up to 20% off

-Discounts on content plans - up to 30% off


Prices are always agreed to in advance with you, so you know what the cost is before production begins. We have had a few situations where a project has taken longer than anticipated and the price has changed during the process. In all of those cases, the customers added shoots, or other components, and then agreed to an accordingly higher price. Communication is the best way to avoid any potential cost issues.

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